iConsumer: Review, Earn Stocks & Have Your Cash Back (+ Pros & Cons)

iConsumer by review is a one-of-a-kind cash-back program. Almost nothing like it exists online. Alongside cashback, each order earns you shares of iConsumer’s publicly traded stock. This implies that when you make purchases online using iConsumer, you get to be a shareholder in the company. Find out more as you continue reading, the iCosumer review, pros, and cons!

Before we proceed, here is the little interesting story about the birth of iConsumer.

Rob Grosshandler was dining with his 23-year-old daughter and her companions when they expressed concerns that many millennials share. Will I be able to find a job following graduation? Will I earn sufficient cash to maintain a comfortable standard of living?

Grosshandler, like any good parent, sought to find an answer to his daughter’s problems. Finally, this successful entrepreneur brought his novel concept to reality.

He founded a company dedicated to restoring consumer power. It enables his daughter, her friends, and others like you and me to engage in startups, all without going over budget. Moreover, he intends to give up half of his company during the next two years.

Are you willing to buy a part of his company? Here are several ways to get in. First, let’s understand what iConsumer is all about.

iConsumer Review

iConsumer by review is a one-of-a-kind cash back site. Since its beginning in 2015, iConsumer has grown from over 63,000 members and worked with over 2,400 retailers to bring you the top discounts and cash back offers.

What separates iConsumer from other cashback websites is that iConsumer offers more than just provide cashback refunds. Furthermore, they provide you with something highly valuable, shares in their company. Exactly, when you shop with iConsumer, you may earn shares of the company’s publicly listed stock.

When you’ve never had stock in a firm, you may be ignorant of how beneficial this is, so allow me to explain further.

Consider buying 100 shares of Amazon stock in the early 2000s, when it was trading between $15 and $20 a share. To purchase 100 shares, you would have spent between $1,500 and $2,000 in total. That may appear to be a huge sum of cash, but have you seen the price of Amazon’s shares recently? They’ve blown up. Amazon’s stock is currently valued at more than $3,000 a share. Interesting right?

However, this explains that your initial investment of $2,000 is now worth $300,000. Now, this is not to assume that iConsumer’s stock price will follow the same path as Amazon’s. Because I cannot predict the future, Therefore, I cannot say for certain. But, iConsumer’s stock price, on the other hand, will keep rising as long as the company continues to grow. And if you enter early enough, you’ll see a large increase in your wealth. Meanwhile, you need to understand better how to build a generational wealth for your family.

Why and How Grosshandler is Giving Away Half His iConsumer Company?

Grosshandler and his co-founder founded a company-branded iConsumer. It’s a cash-back shopping site with a difference. When you shop online at one of its 1,700 partner stores, you get not only cashback but also shares in the company. For each dollar of cash-back earned, by review, you will receive $1 in iConsumer shares.

However, a “share” is a fractional ownership interest in a business. Generally, a bundle of shares is referred to as “stock.” Higher shares equate to higher stock, which equates to more ownership.

Grosshandler plans to give away 200 million shares of his company over the next two years, which would mean that half of the company would be owned by users like you. He thought that you’re contributing to the company’s growth, so why shouldn’t you own a piece of it?

“I founded iConsumer to provide everyone, including these concerned millennials, with the opportunity to own something, learn from it, and then use that knowledge to open new opportunities for themselves in the long term,” he reveals.

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How Do iConsumer Shares Work?

While the cash-back part is pretty simple, you’re wondering exactly how the other quarter of this formula tends to work. To be clear, the iConsumer shares you earn are currently worthless.

To begin, the company must obtain registration with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which it hopes to accomplish this summer. This company intends to sell $500,000 of its stock at $.045 per share and $1.5 million of its stock at $0.09 per share once this takes place.

When it reaches 50,000 members, it intends to increase the number of shares sold and the price. “This is not a guarantee and is likely to change,” the company’s website says. Even with that, your shares will be worth only what people are willing to pay for them, which may be nothing.

“The stock you earn may become worthless,” explains iConsumer, “but you cannot lose more than the money you put in the investment.” And, because the investment plan is made through online shopping, which you already do, some believe it’s worth a run.

David Bauerle is one such individual. He is an information technology consultant based outside of Denver, Colorado. He’s been a three-month user of iConsumer. “It’s fascinating; I’m not sure how [the shares] will perform,” he says. “It may be worthless; it may be worth something fascinating.”

Bauerle prefers to shop through iConsumer unless another shopping portal offers a higher cash-back percentage. “It’s kind of like getting a little lottery ticket with it,” he explains. “However, why not?”

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Pros and Cons of iConsumer

The table below explained the three major pros, and cons of iCosumer. Let’s take a look!

Become an owner in a publicly-traded firm: Whenever you buy with iConsumer, you get shares of stock in their company. That means you get to be an owner. Now, anytime you continue buying using iConsumer, you’ll profit from it since you are a major shareholder in the company.Few cashout options: While receiving a check is acceptable, it would be wonderful if they offered additional payment methods, such as PayPal, direct deposit, and gift cards.
Over 2,400 retailers with a cash back offer: iConsumer has worked with over 2,400 retailers to offer you the top coupons, discounts, and cash back deals.Checks are given out once every month: If you exceed the minimum payment level and are eager to get your funds, you must wait until the start of the month.
Earn twice the savings: When you purchase with iConsumer, not just you save some dollars with coupons and cash back, but you still get shares of iConsumer stock, that has true value also on the stock market.The articles in the help center are not organized: The articles in the help center are not very well arranged. You will eventually get what you are looking for, but it might take you few minutes of searching and brain-twisting.

Now, here comes the question, when is iConsumer good for you?

Consider iConsumer good for you when you want to do the following:

#1. You love to own stock in a new firm

When you shop with iConsumer as we explained earlier, you will not only get discounts, deals, and cashback but also shares of iConsumer’s publicly listed stock.

#2. If you love to save extra cash as you shop online

Locating coupons and cashback offers can take some time. With iConsumer, coupons and special offers are instantly discovered for you and added to your purchase at payment.

#3. You shop frequently

If you regularly shop online but haven’t taken advantage of cashback services, now is the time to start. Per year, you may save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on your purchases simply by installing the iConsumer Click browser plugin.

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How to Invest and Earn with iConsumer Without Spending Extra Cash

To assist you in determining whether iConsumer is the perfect shopping gateway for you, we’ve split the method down into the following steps:

  1. Create an iConsumer account

Create a free iConsumer account to earn 100 shares automatically.

You can also install the app if you normally shop on your smart phone.

  1. Make Online Purchases Through iConsumer Site

When you’re ready to make an online purchase, visit iConsumer. Evaluate cash-back percentages and special offers such as free shipping at various retailers. Then proceed with your normal online shopping.

“If people aren’t already making purchases online and earning cashback, they should be,” Baurle says. “And iConsumer offers some of the highest cash-back percentages.” However, from now until February 28, 2016, iConsumer is offering double cash back on all purchases made at more than 1,700 stores.

3. Get Cash Back and Stocks

Following the retailer’s submission of your order to the website, iConsumer notifies you through email of the amount of cashback you’ve earned. Also, you may check your cashback balance and the number of shares you have gained in the site’s dashboard. Once you’ve acquired a sum of $25 in cashback, the company will mail you a check. Perhaps, after a 90-day waiting period to account for returns.

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  1. Make Referrals

If you want to increase your iConsumer share earnings, introduce friends to the site. You will each earn 100 additional shares for each person who registers and makes an order through you.

We lack the fortune teller ability, and hence we don’t have any clue what will be the value of these shares tomorrow. But if you already purchase online, this seems like an exciting way to put your money in a business while at the same time earning cashback.

Main characteristics of iConsumer

Here are the major characteristics of iConsumers that set it apart from other cash back websites.

iConsumer Shares (Stock)

The best feature of iConsumer is without a doubt the stock choices that come with every eligible cash back transaction made via iConsumer. Meanwhile take your time to conduct a short iConsumer stock review on their site to gain a better understanding of what it is and how it operates.

iConsumer stock is precisely that shares of iConsumer stock. When you place an eligible cash back order with iConsumer, you will get the company stock adding to your cashback.

The stock price of iConsumer is usually around $0.10 and $0.20 per share. A few jumps above $0.40 and higher, and even to $1.00 per share, have occurred. You can locate iConsumer’s stock by searching for RWRDP on google. Meanwhile,  RWRDP has been the stock symbol for iConsumer and the term you would use to search for it on the OTC market.

iConsumer Button

The iConsumer Button is a browser plugin that notifies users instantly whenever coupons and cashback offers are available while purchasing online. Furthermore, the Button will display Google’s search results page, showing which websites provide cashback.

For instance, suppose you’re in the market for a flat-screen television. You put flat screen tv into Google and are presented with a list of search results. If one website in the list of results gives cashback via iConsumer, a small iConsumer icon will show up alongside the search result.

Also, the Button simplifies the process of earning shares of the company stock. Each purchase made via iConsumer earns you cash back rewards and shares.

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iConsumer Mobile App

iConsumer offers mobile applications for both Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems. You may now shop on the fly and get cashback and additional iConsumer stock. Although the mobile app does not allow you to earn cashback in-store, it is an excellent effort by the company to make their services easier for you.

So, the more you use iConsumer, the more cashback, and stock you earn. However, a mobile app is useful if you need to make an internet purchase while out from your home or office computer.

iConsumer Shareholder Academy

Shareholder Academy is an iConsumer-developed website that educates new investors on the fundamentals of investing. As you may probably know, whenever you make purchases online with the company, you receive cashback. As well as shares of iConsumer’s publicly traded stock. This qualifies you as an investor.

However, if you have no previous experience investing or managing your stocks, you may feel confused. That is why the Shareholder Academy is developed to teach customers about investing in order to help them achieve a brighter future.

iConsumer Offers Top Deals

The iConsumer website’s top deals may be found by clicking on the Top Deals page from the navigation menu. This page will show the best cashback offers and most popular coupons available at the moment. You can find ongoing promotions from a variety of leading companies and stores.

For instance, earn 16.5 percent cash back and stock when shopping at Nike.com, 11% cashback and stock when shopping at Petco, and 11% while shopping at Stein Mart. If you use the iConsumer Button, by review, these deals will be added immediately to your order. Instead, you’ll need to navigate the site.

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How Do You Get Paid By iConsumer?

The payout threshold for iConsumer by review is $25. However, there are two methods for getting your cashback. Let’s review both methods.

Method One: Check to your mail

Once you’ve earned at least $25, you’ll receive a check monthly, often in the first week of the month. If you wish to get your payout through a check, you must ensure that you have supplied your mailing address in your account settings.

To add your mailing address, log into your account by clicking on your email in the upper right corner of the iConsumer page and then click on My Settings. Then, click Edit next to Personal & Contact Information. You’ll get an email link to enter your address. But, ensure that you include the address where you like your cashback check to be mailed.

Method Two: Bitcoin

If you’re a cryptocurrency lover, you can exchange your cashback in Bitcoin. Meanwhile, if you are new to bitcoin, it may be better to receive your cashback in the form of a check. After all, bitcoin is not allowed as payment at almost all stores in the United States.

However, the few that accept bitcoin include the following:





Furthermore, you can buy gift cards through a service like Bitrefill at nearly every big store, even Amazon.com.

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Is iConsumer worth investing in?

Yes, iConsumer according to the review is well worth investing in, especially considering the unique possibility to own shares of the company’s publicly traded stock. Almost no service comes close to most of what the company provides.

Registration is simple and involves only about 30 seconds. If you register, install the iConsumer Button, then make your first order, you’ll receive a $10 bonus and 150 shares of the company stock. Is it worth your investment?

Answers To Questions People Frequently Asked About iConsumer

Here are some few questions people frequently asked about iConsumer.

Is iConsumer legit?

Yes, iConsumer according to review is completely and 100% legit. Meanwhile, if you use the company platform to purchase online at over 2,400 retailers, you’ll receive cashback and the company stock.

Can you earn money with iConsumer?

One can make income with iConsumer without a doubt. Shopping online with the company browser extension is the perfect means to make money. On shopping from over 2,400 retailers, you’ll get cashback and the company stock.

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To earn the initial $10 reward and 150 shares of iConsumer review stock, you must perform an eligible order after signing up for a free account. After six months of using the iConsumer Button, the remaining 100 shares of stock are credited to your account. However, in the last five years, the company (RWRDP) stock has varied between $0.05 and $1.05.

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