Cheap Haircuts: 10 Ways to Get Cheap Stylist Haircuts

There is a great feeling to get a new haircut. But, visiting a hairdresser is sometimes not budget-friendly for students. A haircut typically costs $25 to $50 at a barber. But can range between £20–100 (or more) at a hair salon. Depending on the services rendered and whether you choose a high-end salon. Keep reading to find ways you can get cheap haircuts.

However, we’ve compiled an amazing collection of haircut expenditure cheats over the years. This includes ways to have a haircut for free – you’ll never pay full price for a cut again.

Cheap Haircuts – The Tricks

cheap haircuts

You are not required to pay a lot of money to appear good-looking. However, both women and men can only go so long without a haircut. Depending on your location, a typical women’s haircut can cost between $40. As well as $110, while men’s haircuts cost around $25 and $50, pretty much huh?.

And, while a haircut may seem petty, never overstate the impact of looking and feeling your best. Particularly if you’re on the job market, attending networking events, or pursuing that big job promotion. Nobody needs to know how much money you saved on that stunning new bob or stylish undercut.

Meanwhile, no more huge expenditures at the salon. Here are ten ways to get fantastic, stylish, and cheap haircuts.

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Visit Beauty and Cosmetology Schools

Various beauty and cosmetology schools have student salons. That renders a range of salon services to the general public at discounted or no cost. Students are always supervised by a licensed teacher. Because this is a teaching space, standards are typically quite high. But if an error does occur, it is immediately corrected.

Contact the beauty and cosmetology schools in your area to inquire about the services offered. As well as the associated fees, and the days on which the salons are open to the public. However, Below is some of the cheap haircuts prices you can get at beauty schools around the United States:

  • Through Denver, Paul Mitchell’s school charges only $13 for a haircut and style.
  • With $19 you will get your hair cut and styled at the Aveda Institute in Los Angeles.
  • A $9 haircut at Boston’s Empire Beauty School includes shampoo, conditioner, and a blow out.
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Have Your Hair Cut During Happy Hour

Certain salons have adopted the happy hour philosophy. Offering special deals on some days of the week or throughout slow periods. If you don’t buy the idea of having your hair styled by a learner. Consider visiting a traditional salon to get the most for your money.

Salon Liquid in Boulder, Colorado, offers reduced prices Monday through Friday beginning at 10:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m. and from 8:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. During happy hour, the salon only accepts cash, but the savings are well worth it. A women’s haircut typically costs $55, which includes shampoo, conditioner, and a blowout. It’s only $35 during happy hour.

During happy hour at the Chop Shop Hair Studio in Knoxville, Tennessee, you can receive 10% off your haircut. Furthermore, in a genuine happy hour manner, the salon will include a complimentary glass of wine.

A little online research will help you discover additional salon-specific ways to get cheap haircuts. Certain salons offer specials or discounts to first-time customers who present a student or military ID. Various new hair salons are intending to attract customers by offering deep discounts through sites such as Groupon and LivingSocial.

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Stylists Who Work From Home

In order to avoid the high costs associated with working in or having a commercial salon, some stylists set to work from home. Additionally, it is a suitable method for retired stylists who no longer wish to smash time clocks.

In general, work-at-home stylists charge less than salon stylists. And they commonly charge a bulk rate when working with the whole family. Another advantage to becoming a regular with a work-at-home stylist is that they are commonly more accommodating. As well as serious with their schedules and will assist you if you are in a hurry.

A good place to start looking for work-at-home stylists is on As well as in your local newspaper, or via word of mouth.

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Become an Hair Model Volunteer

Whenever an expert stylist applies for a position at a salon. They are regularly asked to show their abilities through a live hair-cutting presentation. If you offer them your hair, you can receive a complimentary or discounted cut.

Salon Apprentice site advertises dozens of opportunities for volunteer hair models in cities across the country. Occasionally, a stylist will require a volunteer model for other purposes, such as practicing a fashionable new haircut. And thus the posts frequently seek models eager to have their hair cut in a particular style.

A stylish at New York City’s Bumble and Bumble salon recently requested volunteer models interested in a graduated bob haircut. As a normal Bumble and Bumble salon customer, you’d pay around $99 and $250 for a haircut. So volunteering as a model could result in great savings.

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Visit the Local Barber

There is no reason to avoid visiting a local barber for a cut or shave on basic hairstyles. Various barbers have years of experience and are highly skilled. Prices are lower than salon prices, and customers are typically in and out in a matter of minutes. Additionally, it is a cost-effective or affordable option for kids.

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Through Coupons and Loyalty Programs

Various salons distribute coupons on a regular basis online, via companies such as Valpak, newspapers, and email. Coupons for Supercuts, Fantastic Sams, Regis Salons.

Furthermore, you may wish to register on the salon websites to earn coupons. As well as other special offers via email or text message. Daily deal websites such as Groupon and LivingSocial also promote local and national salons on a periodic basis. Offering discounts of up to 40% on specific services.

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Trading Skills

A friend who is skilled at hair cutting and styling may be willing to trade services for something that you are skilled at. Nowadays, many people trade skills in order to save money. It’s never a bad idea to inquire.

Do the Haircut Yourself

If you conduct an online search or visit websites such as YouTube. You can find instructional videos for individuals eager to learn how to cut their own hair. Additionally, there is a video on how to cut your long hair.

Various products are sold as tools to assist do-it-yourself hairstylists like the Creaclip. While you cut, a curved (or simple for bangs) clip secures your hair in place.

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Seek For a Salon Job

If you have some spare time and enjoy having your hair styled. Why not apply for a part-time position at your preferred hair salon? Not only will you receive a discount on all services and products. But you will also be notified of any modeling opportunities.

Take Advantage of Your Qualified Friends

If your best friend is an authorized or trainee hairdresser. As well as y our stepdad is a hairstylist, why not make use of your contacts. Never expect anything for nothing, even from friends and family. But they likely won’t mind if you inquire about their friend’s rates. However, because you’ll be providing them with additional income, they should be ready for it.

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Avoid feeling trapped by excessive salon prices — there are ways to get a cheap haircut.

You do not have to sacrifice your locks in order to save money. However, with affordable and cheap haircuts, you can look fabulous and stunning all at the same.

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