Prestige Financial: Working with Americans with poor credit, Services & How They Operate

Prestige Financial makes loans to customers who purchase vehicles from its preferred franchise dealerships. Individuals with poor credit or a history of bankruptcy may be eligible for financing as well. But the company does not disclose certain information about its loans online. Find out more in this article about Prestige Financial Services, auto loan, motors, Myprestige, and Prestige Financial Utah, many more. Therefore, relax and enjoy your stay reading and exploring your mind. Meanwhile, let’s go down to the business of the day. What are Prestige financial services? Find out sooner.

Prestige Financial

Before we delve into greater detail, here is some background information on Prestige Financial: Larry H. Miller was a Salt Lake City, Utah entrepreneur best known as the NBA’s owner. The National Basketball Association, to be precise. Larry, like several of his peers, owned multiple car dealerships/automobile dealerships prior to entering the auto lending business. Larry H Miller owned Prestige Financial (also known as Prestige Financial Services, Inc) prior to his death. Prestige Financial was a subsidiary of the Larry H Miller Group of Companies. Myprestige is now a subsidiary of the Larry H. Miller Group of Companies and another finance company specializing in working with Americans with poor credit.

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And, indeed, you were correct! Larry, like several of his contemporaries, was a billionaire! Not everything is as rosy as it appears. The leading consumer finance provider has received a number of negative reviews regarding its account managers, ranging from unprofessional text messages to payment arrangements. Consider the reviews below for additional context. Consider discovering more about Myprestige and Prestige financial Utah motors as you continue reading.

Prestige Financial: Overview

Prestige Financial Services, Inc. is a market leader in providing consumer financial solutions to franchised and independent automobile dealerships throughout the United States of America. They are recognized throughout the industry for their strong portfolio performance and innovative lending programs. The company has a successful track record dating all the way back to 1994 and employs best-in-class professionals.

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Prestige Financial Services

Prestige Financial services cater to the segment of American car shoppers with challenged (i.e. sub-prime) credit. Meanwhile, we observed an average auto loan interest rate of 18% (within a range of +/- 3%), although rates vary significantly by credit score. The company, on the other hand, provides financing solutions, including auto loans, dealers, and other financial services. Prestige Financial Services is based and renders services to citizens of the United States.

However, if you currently have a loan with Prestige Financial, you most likely obtained it during the vehicle purchase process. Perhaps, you probably traded in your used vehicle to reduce your down payment. The dealer secured your loan, and you can make payments online at Consider reading about Prestige motors below.

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Basically, 79 percent of all Americans who have auto loans obtained them at a dealership. Individuals shop for new automobiles; they do not shop for new loans. As a result, auto dealers have an advantage when it comes to lending money to car shoppers. Indeed, the same is true for auto insurance and warranty inquiries.

Prestige’s extensive resources enable dealers to offer competitive financing on high-quality new and used vehicles to customers who would otherwise qualify only for high-down-payment loans on substandard inventory or no loan at all. Each year, thousands of car owners who came to Prestige with inconsistent repayment histories, recent bankruptcies, and low or no credit scores “graduate” with excellent credit and a bright future ahead of them. See more on Myprestige and Prestige financial Utah motors.

Prestige Motors

Prestige Motors is about building relationships and making your car buying experience something to look forward to. Their imports operate four luxury vehicle franchises, including one of the largest Lamborghini dealerships in North America, featuring incredible models such as the Aventador, Huracan, Huracan EVO, and Urus. Pagani, Lotus, and Karma are also available, as is a sizable inventory of high-end pre-owned exotic vehicles from Ferrari, Bentley, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Rolls-Royce, and Bugatti. Additionally, if you’re interested in venturing out on the water, we offer luxurious VanDutch boats. We not only serve the North Miami Beach and South Florida areas, but also serve out-of-state customers from Washington, Texas, New York, and Wisconsin, as well as everywhere in between.

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If you’re a South Florida luxury car shopper looking for a unique dealership experience, you’ve come to the right place. Prestige Imports does not just sell automobiles, they sell lifestyles. However, they are a second-generation family-owned business that has been serving South Florida luxury car owners with passion since 1977. They consistently exceed their customers’ expectations. They have earned a lofty reputation as one of America’s premier automotive retailers during this time.


Myprestige is the official homepage of Prestige Financial Services where you get to know more about the organization and how they operate. There, also you get to register and open an account with them to get more access to their auto car loans, and other services.

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Prestige Financial Utah

Company NameDescriptionLocation
Prestige Financial Services Inc.Prestige Financial Services, Inc. is a lender based in Draper, Utah. It employs 140 people across all of its locations and generates revenue of $70.12 million (USD). (The sales figure is fictitious.) The corporate family of Prestige Financial Services, Inc. consists of 140 companies.351 W Opportunity Way
Draper​, UT, 84020-1399
United States.

Note: Bryant Henrie is the leading key principal at Prestige Financial Services, Inc. You can reach the company through this number for further inquiries: (801) 844-2100. However, Prestige Financial Services, Inc specializes in lending finance, has insurance sector and automobile finance leasing financial services. Discover more about Prestige financial Utah motors.

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Prestige Financial Auto Loan

Prestige Financial only makes loans on new or nearly-new automobiles. Therefore, if you’re looking to refinance your car loan, buy out your lease, or purchase a vehicle from a private seller, this finance company is not a good fit.

Obtaining an auto loan with poor credit can be challenging. Prestige Financial, on the other hand, considers applicants with low FICO® scores or recent bankruptcy. Thus, those who are bankrupt may be eligible for a loan.

While you do not necessarily need good credit to apply for preapproval, Prestige does list several requirements. You must earn a minimum of $2,250 as an individual or $2,750 as a joint applicant. Additionally, if you are self-employed, you are out of luck, Prestige will not consider self-employment income. Additionally, keep in mind that you cannot include a co-signer on your preapproval application, you can only apply with your spouse or another person with whom you have joint credit.

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However, individuals who obtain a loan through Prestige may qualify for a 0.5 percent interest rate reduction every three months, up to a maximum of 2% annually. For you to qualify for these interest rate discounts, you must enroll in the Rate Reduction Rewards program, select electronic communications, enroll in automatic payments, make monthly payments on time, and maintain qualifying vehicle insurance. Meanwhile, if your loan’s annual percentage rate, or APR, falls below 14%, you will lose eligibility for future rate reductions.

On its website, Prestige does not provide much information about its auto loans, including minimum and maximum loan amounts, loan rates, and loan terms. You won’t know your loan’s estimated terms, interest rate, or monthly payment until you’ve been preapproved. Additionally, while you are required to purchase your vehicle from a Prestige partner dealer, Prestige does not disclose its partners, and you will not know where to shop until after preapproval.

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Additionally, keep in mind that preapproval does not guarantee loan approval, and your estimated loan rate and term may change once your loan application is finalized.

The good news is that applying online or by phone with Prestige Financial is simple. You will receive notification of the status of your application within one business day of submitting it. Additionally, you’ll receive an email with a certificate of preapproval that you can present to a partner automobile dealership to begin shopping immediately.

Deeper Insight On Prestige Financial Auto Loan

If you’re considering a Prestige auto loan, here are a few additional details to consider.

  1. You may not be required to make a down payment. While some lenders require a down payment, Prestige Financial does not. However, the partnered dealership may require a down payment which you will learn about during your visit.
  2. If you are preapproved, extensive documentation is required. You’ll be required to submit a substantial amount of paperwork during the preapproval application process, including a recent pay stub, utility bill, and six personal references who are not household members.
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Is Prestige Financial Auto Loan Good For You?

A prestige financial auto loan may be an attractive option if you’re having difficulty qualifying for an auto loan. Probably, due to poor credit or financial difficulties, such as bankruptcy. If you are approved for a loan with a high-interest rate, Prestige’s rate reduction program may help you save money over the life of your loan.

However, if you qualify for lower rates elsewhere or prefer greater flexibility in where you shop for a car, Prestige may not be the best option for you. Additionally, if you desire a less expensive, older used vehicle, you must consider a different lender.

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How To Apply For a Prestige Auto Loans

Preapproval is available from Prestige online or over the phone. Meanwhile, a valid driver’s license, proof of income, proof of current vehicle insurance, and a recent utility bill are required. Additionally, if you recently filed for bankruptcy, you must provide the name of your attorney as well as proof of an approved payment plan or case information so that Prestige can view court filing documents online.

It’s a good idea to check your credit and compare other loan offers before applying for an auto loan with Prestige. Understanding your credit score can assist in setting realistic expectations. By and large, lower credit scores translate into higher interest rates. Additionally, shopping around can assist you in locating the best loan rate and terms for your circumstances. To learn more about the process, read our article on how to get a car loan.

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How You Can Make Your Prestige Financial Payments

Paying online is simple if you currently have a loan with Prestige Financial. Simply navigate to and log in with your MyPrestige username and password. You may select from the following:

  • Paying a one-time fee.
  • Enroll in Autopay using your checking account information.
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Please keep in mind that many banks and financial institutions offer a rate reduction for autopay enrollment (to reduce your interest expense and lower your monthly payment). Prestige Financial would have highlighted this option to you during the pre-qualification process for your auto financing in order to get you into a lower interest rate.

Very Important: When you first obtained your auto loan, Prestige Financial notified the credit bureaus of your new loan. Your Prestige Financial loan appears on your credit report as a so-called trade-line.

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Is refinancing your Prestige Financial loan a good idea? Yes, you will save thousands of dollars over the course of your loan and receive up to $150 in monthly savings. With an experienced partner who can guide you through the process, you’ll be done in minutes. Meanwhile, have a great time going through some Prestige financial Utah motors via Myprestige website above.

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