In-House Financing: The Complete Guide to Car Loan Dealership & Ford Credit

A typical auto finance agreement is borrowing money from a financial institution. However, qualifying for bank finance is not your only choice when planning to buy a car in Harvey. Meanwhile, you can choose an in-house car dealer finance, which means you will get a car loan straight from the dealership. Financing through a dealership rather than a bank has a few advantages, though even dealerships without in-house financing typically connect with a number of lenders. Understand better in this article, in-house financing cars, car lots, ford credit, and how to find in-house financing dealers near you.

What is the benefit of in-house finance when it comes to obtaining finance with less-than-perfect credit? Indeed, gaining approval in-house is easier than taking approval from a bank. So in-house financing can be an ideal choice if you’ve had credit issues in the past. Keep reading to learn more!

In-House Financing


Many retailers offer in-house financing, which aids customers in their buying process. Retailers must either have their own existing lending business or partner with a single third-party credit provider to service their customers’ loans. Customers profit from in-house lending since they are often able to acquire a loan through the firm that they would not have been able to receive through more traditional financing sources, such as a bank.

What Is In-House Financing?

In-house financing is a type of finance in which a business extends a loan to a customer in order for them to acquire its goods or services. Furthermore, in-house financing eliminates the need for the business to rely on the banking sector to provide funds to execute a deal.

Deeper Definition Of In-House Financing Dealerships

In-house financing dealerships often referred to as “buy-here, pay-here” dealerships, provide financing to auto buyers directly. Because these dealerships finance automobile purchases themselves, they are not required to obtain approval for your auto loan from a bank or other lender. Buy here, pay-here dealerships establish their own loan approval conditions.

This may appear to be a much simpler process than the traditional car loan method. However, the disadvantage is that you will almost certainly end up paying far more in interest if you buy a car this means.

The Advantages Of Dealerships With in-house financing

Individuals with poor credit or little to no credit history may be unable to obtain a traditional auto loan. Moreover, they may lack the funds necessary for a deposit.

However, dealerships with in-house financing make loans independently and at their discretion, without regard for the credit and down payment conditions that traditional auto loans may demand. This enables some people to obtain an auto loan when they would not have had the opportunity otherwise.

Is it possible to obtain a car loan with poor credit?

While the car you may be able to purchase from a buy-here, the pay-here shop is not likely to be brand new (and may not even be your dream car). But, there is a good chance it will get you on the road.

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The Disadvantages Of buy-here, pay-here Dealerships

While lower lending requirements may help you obtain the car you require, financing through a buy-here, the pay-here shop has some disadvantages. To begin, you’ll almost certainly pay a greater interest rate than you would on a traditional car loan. The loan could even be a pre-calculated interest loan, which might be a major financial trap.


What is a precomputed auto loan – and why should you avoid them?


Furthermore, buy-here, pay-here automobile dealerships may charge a premium for the vehicles they offer. Because you can only apply in-house financing on vehicles on the dealership’s lot, you’re limited to purchasing after that dealership’s selection. This implies that you are unable to browse around for the best deal.

However, buy-here, pay-here dealerships can lend as much as they choose and may price according. This means you could end up in much more debt than your automobile is worth, placing you “within hole” from the start of your auto loan.

How Does In-House Financing Work At Car Dealerships?

Dealerships that offer in-house finance do so by partnering with a private lender or by providing finance straight to the consumer. You borrow the funds necessary to purchase a vehicle directly from the dealership and repay the dealership on a monthly basis. Dealerships with in-house finance typically require no more than proof of income to accept you for a car loan. Below, let’s look at one of the well-known firms in the industry of in-house financing.

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Ford Credit

Ford Credit is one of the most well-known in-house auto finance companies in the world. They teamed up AutoFi in January 2017 to make automobile buying and financing more easier using technology that enables buyers to browse for their car and auto loan online. Ford consumers may now shop online through Ford dealer websites, purchase, and finance their vehicle using this new point-of-sale technology. This type of customer experience enables automobile buyers to spend less time at the dealership while also allowing Ford to make deals more quickly.

In-House Financing and Technology: What’s The Connection?

Many borrowers now have greater in-house financing options. Perhaps, to the rise of new fintech firms that provides faster and more simple point-of-sale credit platforms. However,  point of sale can be built around in an organization’s in-house credit department or can be facilitated more broadly when an organization works with a single credit provider to handle their customers’ loan needs. For instance, Affirm is a fintech startup that operates one of the most widely used point-of-sale platforms, partnering with thousands of businesses to provide rapid funding.

Customers can benefit from point-of-sale financing since it simplifies the loan process and helps them to apply for credit at the time of purchase. It simplifies credit for customers by allowing them to acquire a credit decision from the retailer within minutes. Furthermore, point-of-sale financing enables retailers to close deals more easily. Businesses that used point-of-sale financing increased their sales by 32%.

What Effect Does In-House Financing Have on Your Credit Score?

For drivers with poor credit, obtaining a car loan in-house is easier than obtaining one from a bank, as your dealership may be more tolerant in their assessment of your financial situation.

Quick Question

How does in-house auto financing work while you’re rebuilding your credit?

Quick Answer

Making on-time payments on your tailored auto loan will go a long way toward improving your credit score! Furthermore, you can extend your original warranty with in-house financing. Here is what you need to know about 600 credit scores.

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In-House Financing Example

The example explained below will help you understand more about in-house financing and how it works.

Consider Mr. Zach owns a branded electronics dealership and sells everything from televisions to washing machines. Then Mr. William is a consumer who wants to acquire a $100 television but lacks the funds for a down payment or an initial payment and is therefore ineligible for loans from banks or other financial providers.

Mr. Zach here offers Mr. William an In-House Financing option, where he may pay back the money over a year at a 5% monthly interest rate, and the process is so easy that he can obtain the loan in minutes.

In this case, the seller Mr. Zach gives the loan at his or her choice, and the payment conditions and interest rate are negotiated with the seller. Thus, it is referred to as In-house Financing.

How to Find In-House Financing Dealers Near You

Generally, it is not difficult to find an in-house financing dealership near you. However, you’ve almost certainly driven past a few of them. Consider signs that read “buy-here, pay-here,” “no credit required,” “no credit, no problem,” or “no credit check required”. A quick web search for buy-here, pay-here, or in-house financing auto dealerships. Together with your city’s name, can also do the magic for you.

Prior to visiting a dealership in person, contact and inquire about in-house financing that may match your needs. Also, consult with friends or family members who may have suggestions for specific auto (car) lots to avoid.

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Bank Financing vs Dealership In-House Financing?

The key difference between banking financing vs in-house financing is that bank loans often have longer repayment schedules. You can repay the debt in as little as five years or as long as twenty years. Dealership in-house financing includes a shorter repayment duration, typically up to five years.


While an in-house financing dealership may appear to be the only option if you have no credit or poor credit, you should absolutely explore your other options first.

Bear in mind that purchasing a car from a buy-here, pay-here dealership will almost always cost you more. Compared financing a car through a traditional lender. This is why it’s always better to begin your search with banks, credit unions, and other auto dealerships.

If you have difficulty obtaining traditional financing, try obtaining a co-signer. Perhaps, you may still wait and fix your credit score before buying a car, if possible. With all of the disadvantages, purchasing a car through an in-house financing dealership should be the last alternative. If your credit score is 730 and below, learn more about it here.

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