Modest Needs: Grants, The Helping Hand You Need

Modest Needs, grants will be able to assist you if you need any additional assistance. Discover more as you read further.

Modest Needs

Modest Needs is a tax-exempt organization that provides small grants to low-income workers. Those who have experienced a short-term financial emergency, who are at risk of falling into homelessness. As well as falling into a long-term cycle of poverty if the financial emergency is not addressed immediately. However, it is of benefit also to those who have no other immediate source of assistance.

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Small grants are also given to people who are normally able to meet their expenses. But are unable to do so due to unforeseen circumstances. Such as a medical or dental emergency, a family death, a job loss, or a large utility bill. All these Modest Needs do give a helping hand to individuals who need help to settle their financial needs.

Modest Needs Grants

Below are few different Modest Needs Grants available.

Program Overview:

What are the existing programs of the company, how do they assess success, and who do they serve? However, Modest Needs make provision for the following grants:

Self-Sufficiency Grants

Modest Needs makes Self-Sufficiency Grants by paying a creditor on behalf of an otherwise self-sufficient person or family for a small, unexpected emergency cost. Meanwhile, their aim in making a Self-Sufficiency Grant is to prevent an otherwise self-sufficient person or family from falling into poverty as a result of the financial strain posed by a small emergency cost.

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Back-to-Work Grants

Back-to-Work Grants are made by Modest Needs by remitting payment for a small fee. As well as the cost that will allow a temporarily unemployed person to return to active, full-time jobs.

Independent Living Grants

Modest Needs makes Independent Living Grants by paying a creditor for an expense on behalf of people who are indefinitely unable to work. Perhaps, who are able to live independently on the minimal income they are entitled to. Such as their retirement or permanent disability income.

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Perhaps, their aim in awarding an Independent Living Grant is to allow financially responsible people who are unable to work to continue to live independently. On their limited incomes, despite an unforeseen cost that no traditional agency can cover.

Hurricane Katrina Relief Grants

For their Hurricane Katrina Relief Program, Modest Needs earned special support. The program was created to help usually self-sufficient families and individuals. Those who are experiencing increased household expenses as a result of housing Katrina victims.

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Modest Needs Mission: Overview

  • To keep financially self-sufficient individuals and families from falling into the pit of poverty.
  • Individuals who are eager to work but are temporarily unable to do so. Perhaps, due to a lack of funds to pay for a work-related cost may be able to regain financial self-sufficiency.
  • To allow permanently disadvantaged people who otherwise live beyond their means to maintain their independence. Especially in the face of a temporary, unforeseeable financial setback.
  • To support small non-profit organizations by offering a platform where they can ask the general public for assistance. Perhaps, in completing relatively inexpensive projects that will enable them to better serve their clients. And also the communities they exist to serve.
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The Result So Far:

Modest Needs’ donors have prevented over 12,700 working individuals and families from joining the vicious cycle of poverty. As well as in a lifetime of reliance on the public welfare system. Just by working together in this very modest way since 2002.

Target demographics:

Hard-working, low-income families and individuals across the United States and Canada. Small, struggling non-profit organizations across the United States.

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Who Is Eligible for Modest Needs Support?

While they welcome applications from those in need, Modest Needs focuses on providing Self-Sufficiency Grants. Especially to people that aren’t qualified for other types of social assistance. Such as active-duty military members, veterans returning from service, public school teachers, and first responders.

If you meet the criteria, they will be able to assist you with an unexpected or emergency expense. Such as a medical bill, adoption legal costs, or the cost of replacing a large appliance. They’ll also help you pay for monthly expenditures you can’t afford due to a reported extenuating situation.

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Only expenditures that are deemed essential for the household, such as rent, electric or gas bills, eyeglasses purchases, or medical emergencies, are considered in Modest Needs. It excludes internet, cable, and phone payments, as well as state and federal taxes. Also, personal loans, mortgage or utility deposits, bankruptcy fees, and credit card debt.

Modest Needs does not give cash, gift cards, or any other form of payment to applicants; instead, it pays the vendor directly, such as your landlord or medical provider.

How Does Modest Needs Work?

Government grants and large foundations do not finance Modest Needs. Instead, funds are raised by ordinary citizens who want to support a neighbor. Interested donors can view submissions on the web and donate a sum of their choice. Only if they want to help you. Slowly but steadily, support will pour in before the application is completely supported.

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How Do I Apply For Modest Needs Grants?

The application is quick, but you’ll need your most recent tax return and bank statement for some of the questions. In the final segment, it asks direct questions about your crisis and condition. Make sure to include as much information as possible in this section. It’s all confidential and will help you stand out as a candidate.

You’ll need to provide evidence of need, such as pay stubs, the bill in dispute. Also, the most recent tax return, and proof of identity. Send your documents to their site by fax or uploading them to the web.

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Modest Needs exist to keep otherwise financially self-sufficient individuals and families from falling into a cycle of poverty. When a small amount of well-timed financial assistance could help them escape it.

Meanwhile, if you’re in a bind this month, Modest Needs might be able to assist you.

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