Dallas vs Houston: History, Comparing the Cost of Living & Which is More Affordable?

Dallas vs Houston. In Houston, TX, you would need approximately 4,322.30 dollars to maintain the same standard of living as you can with 4,700.00 dollars in Dallas, TX (assuming you rent in both cities). Therefore, discover more in this article, to compare the cost of living between the both. Meanwhile, you will get to know which one is more affordable, Dallas vs Houston.

Dallas vs Houston

Hear my little joke story about Dallas before we proceed, funny but kinda true though, “Smile!”.

Dallas was once the largest city in Texas. Then it started to shrink. The new residents stopped arriving. Old people started to move out. As the city’s population declined, so did the demand for city services. while they didn’t know what else to call it, they kept calling it “Big D”. Thereafter, they had to begin referring to it as ‘small D. However, they’re just calling it little now. Definitely, one day, it will not even be necessary to give it a name. Smile!

Dallas vs Houston History: Overview

Thankfully, the joke story above is genuine. However, according to data from the United States Census Bureau, the city of Dallas has been losing residents at an alarming pace. About 30,000 Dallas residents have easily (and wisely) packed their belongings and left in the last seven years. Today, there are less than 813,000 true believers of the city, and their numbers are declining.

Basically, Dallas is now at the precipice of doom. Contrary to some press reports, San Antonio has not yet fallen to third place in terms of population among Texas cities, but it is catching up quickly. However, if current trends continue, the Alamo City will surpass Dallas in size by the end of this summer. By the turn of the century, contenders for the title of Big D will include Denton, Diboll, and Daingerfield. Best of all, by the end of the twenty-second century, which has already been immortalized in films and songs, Dallas will have run out of residents and will thus cease to exist.

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Houstonians would have volunteered to turn off the lights several years ago. Today, the majority of Houston residents are unconcerned about what happens to Dallas. Dallas and Houston, once rivaling for size and supremacy in the manner of ancient Greece’s rival city-states, are no longer in the same crib.

Generally, all size comparisons demonstrate Houston’s superiority. Meanwhile, Houston now has a population of over 1.5 million people within its 600-square-mile incorporated area. And it continues to grow at an astounding rate of 1,000 people per week. Houston will be home to over three million people by the end of the century. However, by the middle of the next century, Houston will almost certainly be one of the world’s four largest and most influential cities. One could certainly argue that larger is not always better. (The Dallas of yore and the San Antonio of the future are both appropriate examples.) The simple facts about migration patterns and size, on the other hand, speak for themselves. People are flocking to Houston in the same way that ants flock to an overripe apple. Meanwhile, they’re departing from Dallas. Clearly, Houston attracts people, Dallas repels them.

Now, looking at the history above, it shows that Houston is far better than Dallas. Meanwhile, size is everything in Houston. It has a sensual quality. However, it animates and sustains the city. Just as corny as it may sound, Houston is improving simply by growing larger.

Take Away Tip: “Size is everything in Houston. It has a sensual quality. It animates and sustains the city. As corny as it may sound, Houston is improving simply by growing larger.”


History of Dallas

Dallas is a city in the counties of Dallas, Collin, Denton, Rockwell, and Kaufman. It was founded in 1846 as the county seat of Dallas County in north-central Texas, United States. However, the city is located on the Trinity River near the confluence of the river’s three forks. This is in an area characterized by prairies, tree-lined creeks and rivers, and gentle hills. Summers are hot with moderate to high humidity, while winters are mild with brief cold spells. Dallas is the third-most populous city in the state (after Houston and San Antonio). However, the epicenter of the sprawling Dallas–Fort Worth metropolitan area, colloquially referred to as the Metroplex.

Basically, Fort Worth is located 30 miles (48 kilometers) west; the metropolitan area’s other major cities include Arlington, Carrollton, Denton, Garland, Grand Prairie, Irving. Meanwhile, it includes Lewisville, Mesquite, Plano, Richardson, and University Park. Historically, Dallas was founded in 1931 with a council-manager form of government. Perhaps, 1856 incorporation of the town; 1871 incorporation of the city. Also, 385 square miles metropolitan area (997 square km). Pop. (2000) 1,188,580; Dallas–Plano–Irving Metro Division, 3,451,226; Dallas–Fort Worth–Arlington Metro Area, 5,161,544; Pop. (2010) 1,197,816; Dallas–Plano–Irving Metro Division, 4,235,751; Dallas–Fort Worth–Arlington Metro Area, 6,371,773.

History of Houston

The City of Houston was founded in 1837, following Augustus and John Allen’s acquisition of land in 1836 for the purpose of establishing a new town at the confluence of the Buffalo and White Oak bayous. Houston served as the Republic of Texas’s interim capital. During this time period, the town evolved into a regional transportation and commercial hub. Houston was an independent nation until 1846 when Texas was formally annexed by the United States. Railroad construction began in the late 1850s but came to an abrupt halt during the American Civil War. Houston served as a regional military logistics center for the Confederacy. During the war, the population increased, and blockade runners used the town as a hub for their operations.

Following the Civil War, a large number of free blacks relocated to Houston. They formed their own social and economic networks in the absence of support from the dominant white population. Throughout the remainder of the nineteenth century, black residents comprised approximately 20% of Houston’s population. Investment and development of railroads serving Houston expanded freight and passenger transportation options, while also significantly increasing job opportunities. Following the Civil War, the city limits were expanded to include an area north of Buffalo Bayou. Houston remained a vital business, social, and economic center for Texas, while also hosting the state’s first state fair from 1870 to 1878.

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In general, the population surpassed 58,000 in 1900, the same year as the Great Hurricane struck Galveston. However, within a few years, oil companies were establishing offices in Houston to administer oil fields in East Texas. In 1912, the Rice Institute opened its doors on its suburban campus, the first institute of higher learning in the Houston area. Several tall buildings were completed that year, including those used for offices and residences. Tax Commissioner Joseph Jay Pastoriza gained national notoriety for his property tax reform, though it was later invalidated by the Texas Supreme Court. Around this time Houston started drawing immigrants from Mexico, a trend continuing into the 1920s. Many settled in the Second Ward. During this period, the city developed Hermann Park. Houston gained national prominence when it hosted the Democratic National Convention in 1928. The rest of history is a story for another day.

Dallas vs Houston Cost of Living

Like I explained above earlier on this topic. In Houston, TX, you would need approximately 4,322.30 dollars to maintain the same standard of living as you can with 4,700.00 dollars in Dallas, TX (assuming you rent in both cities). However, discover more in this article, to compare the cost of living between the both. Meanwhile, you will get to know which one is more affordable, Dallas or Houston.

Indices Distinction Information

  • Houston, TX consumer prices are 5.68 percent lower than those in Dallas, TX (without rent).
  • Consumer Prices Including Rent are 8.04 percent lower in Houston, TX than in Dallas, TX.
  • Rent in Houston, TX is 11.66 percent less expensive than in Dallas, TX.
  • Houston, TX restaurant prices are 8.06 percent lower than those in Dallas, TX.
  • Dallas, TX grocery prices are higher than those in Houston, TX with 3.04 percent lower.
  • Houston, TX has a 5.80 percent lower local purchasing power than Dallas, TX.

Cost of Living Overview- “Houston vs Dallas”- City Life

Basically, to maintain your standard of living in Houston, TX, you need to earn:$43,282. However, this means that the cost of living is 13% lower in Houston, TX than in Dallas, TX.

Housing Costs:

CostsDallas, TXHouston, TX
Median 2-bedroom apartment rent$1,607$1,269
Median home price (3BR, 2BA)$408,230$295,289
Houston, TX 28% lower

Transportation Costs:

Gas costDallas, TXHouston, TX
Per gallon$2.50$2.34
Houston, TX 1% lower

Food Costs:

CostsDallas, TXHouston, TX
Dozen eggs$1.03$1.15
Gallon of milk$1.98$1.29
12-inch Pizza Hut pizza$9.23$8.54
McDonald’s Quarter-Pounder with cheese$4.35$4.19
Houston, TX 12% lower

Entertainment Costs:

CostDallas, TXHouston, TX
Movie ticket$11.80$10.26
Yoga class$18.34$19.80
6-pack Heineken beer$9.63$9.68
Houston, TX 7% lower

Healthcare Costs:

CostDallas, TXHouston, TX
Doctor’s visit$120.57$85.83
Dentist’s visit$119.60$95.70
Cost of an optometrist visit$89.50$122.22
Cost of Lipitor$494.11$470.12
Houston, TX 15% lower

School Comparison:

SchoolDallas, TXHouston, TX
Average public school rating on GreatSchools.com5/105/10
The rate is the same here

Salary Rates:

  • The median salary in Houston, TX is about $44,124. Meanwhile, Houston, TX is the 108th most expensive city in the database of 268 cities.
  • Meanwhile, the median salary in Dallas, TX is about $42,259. However, Dallas, TX is the 41st most expensive city in the database of 268 cities.
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Weather Overview:

  • Generally, Dallas is extremely hot, with summer temperatures frequently exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit and winter temperatures ranging from 30 to 70 degrees.
  • Houston’s climate is defined by mild winters and scorching summers that regularly exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Although the occasional tornado may pass nearby, Houston is not located in what is known as Tornado Alley. Which encompasses a large portion of Texas.

School Info:

Houston, TX:

  • Basically, the average public school rating on GreatSchools.com rate 5/10
  • However, the private schools are 219
  • The number of private elementary schools are 118
  • The number of private high schools are 52
  • Meanwhile, the estimated average private high school tuition = $15,834/year

Dallas, TX:

  • Basically, the average public school rating on GreatSchools.com rate 5/10
  • However, the number of private schools is 94
  • Meanwhile, the number of private elementary schools is 66
  • The number of private high schools is 28
  • However, the estimated average private high school tuition = $15,093/year

How Far is Houston from Dallas?

Generally, Dallas, TX and Houston, TX, both are cities located in the United State of America. However, the distance cover from Houston, TX to Dallas, TX is about 362km.

Train Between Dallas, TX and Houston, TX

Basically, train tickets from Dallas, Texas to Houston, Texas start at $ 49. Meanwhile, on average, train tickets cost around $ 51.21. However, Virail will assist you in planning a trip that fits your budget. Meanwhile, prices will vary according to travel providers and modes of transport. Frequently, faster journeys will cost more than slower ones. Meanwhile, if your travel dates are flexible, you may be able to find cheaper train tickets, as prices fluctuate daily.

Additionally, you may find lower prices by booking during certain times of the day to avoid rush hour traffic. Another tip for budget travelers is to look for connecting journeys. Occasionally, it may be more cost-effective to make a few stops along the way rather than taking a direct route from Dallas, TX to Houston, TX.

Is Houston or Dallas Better?

In general, according to the whole explanation above. You will agree with me that the cost of living in Houston is better than that of Dallas. However, with few points above, I suggest that Life in Houston is far better than life in Dallas. Meanwhile, the choice is always yours to make. Moreover, the reason for this article is only to guide you and help you make the right decision based on your budget.

Money Quote: Wisdom is knowing your budget before making a decision.

Chiemerie ozurumba


Houston is unquestionably larger than Dallas. In fact, it is the country’s fifth-largest city. However, Houston offers a greater variety of activities due to its size. Meanwhile, the city offers a greater variety of restaurants, museums, shops, businesses, and other attractions. However, the case may be, both Dallas and Houston are fantastic cities. But Houston is the better choice if you’re looking for more entertainment. Meanwhile, now you know, Dallas vs Houston.

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