Ach credit

Ach Credit: How Does it Work? What You Need To Know

As one of the means of fund transfer, Ach Credit is a very important topic that everyone needs to be familiar with. Its beauty is in its…

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investment plan

Investment Plan: All you need to know Explained in Detailed(+ free tips)

To make an investment plan is not about choosing few stocks to invest your money in, It goes beyond that. First, you have to consider your current…

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Investment: Definition, Types, Best Guide for OPtimal Result(+ how it work)

Not like the banking industry where deposits are covered by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. And the value of stocks, bonds, and other securities depends on the…

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money management

Money Management: Definition, Importance & Simplified Guideline(+ tips & pdf)

Money is beyond just earning ends meet, there is more to it. Life is much better when you have basic financial skills to help you manage both…

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apr definition

APR: Definition, Simple Guide Explained(+ how it work)

APR definition is so important to understand. Each time you borrow money, the interest paid increases the cost of things bought with that money. Meanwhile, a credit…

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