A Complete Guide to Pokemon Cards & How to Buy & Sell Them For Cash

How To Buy & Sell Pokemon Cards For Cash

If you grew up in the late 1990s/early 2000s or had a child during that time period, chances are you bought Pokemon cards at some point. With over 800 unique Pokemon types and millions of followers worldwide. However, there is no question that Pokemon is one of the most influential television series. As well as collectible card games of countless years. However, the buy and sell of pokemon cards have become the best of their kind, as it is worth investing in right away.

Moreover, with hundreds of cards and a number of different sets and additions, the game of Pokemon trading cards is incredibly deep and a great deal of monetary value. Meanwhile, certain Pokemon cards are worthless, while others are highly valuable and not easily found.

Indeed, if you can obtain cards such as a first edition, properly rated Charizard, you could be looking at a worth of over $300,000 for that single card!

In sum, the business of trading Pokemon cards is incredibly useful, and many collectors consider them as a piece of history as well as a potential financial and investment opportunity. Therefore, if you have any cards kept from your youth or if you continue to collect, you might be sitting on hundreds, if not thousands, of cash.

Naturally, there is a great deal you need to know to avoid underselling your Pokemon cards. Where are they sold? How do you determine their price? And what other opportunities do I have? However, continue reading to the end of this article to discover the answers to all of those questions. As well as the best stores to buy and sell your Pokemon cards!

Sell Pokemon Cards

Selling your childhood toys online is an excellent way to earn some extra cash these days. For example, Pokemon merchandise can earn you hundreds of dollars if you play your cards well. As it turns out, some fans have yet to get them all.

However, if you’re still storing rare Pokémon cards from the 1990s, you’re definitely lying on a treasure trove. Perhaps trading Pokemon cards will not make you the next millionaire. However, it is a great option to earn some extra money and improve your financial status.

Once you’ve defined the qualities of your Pokemon cards as detailed in this article. You’ll need to find a suitable selling price. However, the value of a card is dictated both by the card’s form and market trends.

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In general, the TGC Pokemon market can be split into two sections below:

TGC Competitive Market

The value of a Pokemon card in these categories is determined by which cards are the most frequently used in competition teams. The card that meets both the tournament regulations and has a high winning rate will gain significant value. Given the fact that the expansions available to players are subject to change, card values fluctuate.

TGC Collectible Market

These are the cards that collectors are most interested in. These cards have the capacity to retain their value or perhaps increase in value. By and large, the much more valued cards are found in the oldest sets (the first-ever published), such as base set, fossil, jungle, team rocket, base set 2, neogenesis, and neo revelation.

Furthermore, in this scenario, the more valuable cards are the ultra-rare/holos. Also, the availability of rare and common cards that allow for the completion of a whole set significantly increases the potential profit. It is pointless to emphasize that, particularly in this industry. Where the card condition can affect the ultimate price by more than 60%. Then, the holder of a card with the first edition logo (preferably holo/rare) can make a fantastic deal.

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Is Pokemon Cards Worth Selling?

The two most important aspects to consider when determining the value of ancient Pokemon cards are their scarcity and quality.

In terms of scarcity, most collectors focus on “base-set” cards, which are the most sold in the game. According to Pratte, set cards are “any card you can draw from a pack” purchased at a retailer. The base pack contains iconic Pokemon such as Pikachu, Blastoise, Charizard, and Venusaur.

However, in December 2017, a full first-edition base set in amazing condition traded for $100,000. Therefore, if you own a base-set card, there are many visible signs of its value.

What Are Rare Pokemon Cards With Value?

Holographic cards

These are the most visible at first sight. The background of the Pokemon is bright and sparkly. Though, not the entire card, just the monster image. Meanwhile, they are often referred to as “holo” cards, with only 16 of the initial 102 being holo.

Shining Pokémon cards

They are the inverse of holographic cards, with shining feature.

Cards from the very first edition

These cards were picked up quickly after their first release and continue to be among the most sought-after and scarce. Also, they are among the first to be printed and display the “edition 1” logo on the bottom left corner of the Pokémon illustration.

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Cards without shadows

This version is nearly identical to the first-edition prints but does not have the first-edition logo. If you do not have a more recent card as compared to, this is especially difficult to notice.

Full-art cards

These cards illustrations covers the entire front of the card. They are consider to be one of the rare pokemon cards with special value.

Unlimited cards

These cards are still rated ancient and valuable, but they lack the first-edition logo.  If you do not see one of the various set marks that were later added, you get a base-set, Unlimited card.

Another Factor That Determine the Value Of a Pokemon Card

The quality of a card is the second crucial factor to determine its worth. If you are fortunate enough to own a first-edition, holographic base-set Charizard, you are not promised thousands of dollars. The value of the card is determined by how well it has been cared for.

However, Pratte advises that if you have a card that you believe is worth more than $100, you have it assessed by Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA).

Despite its name, the PSA assesses all types of trading cards, including those that are not related to sports, such as Pokemon. PSA’s grading scale is widely regarded as the industry norm, and the organization also provides price guides to assist in determining the value of a card. According to its increasing total, mint quality first-edition cards are worth a minimum of $40. Neither of those is rarer holographic cards. A perfect quality first-edition holo can fetch between $1,000 and $24,000.

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Therefore, why is Pratte’s limit of $100? While this is not a hard-and-fast rule, PSA’s card-grading services will cost $20 or more per card. This means that a lower-value card may not necessarily justify the cost of authentication. “It’s a process,” PSA spokesman Terry Melia explains. “However, it is something that has a potential to yield huge benefit in the long run.”

Along with assessing the card’s quality, PSA confirms that the card is authentic by checking it with strong lights and magnifying tools for manipulation. Meanwhile, there are several forgeries and fake items on the market, especially online.

How to Sell Pokemon Cards

Pokemon addiction is a real trend. However, only this year, YouTuber Logan Paul acquired about $2 million worth of Pokémon cards, and rapper Logic spent over $180,000 for a rare Charizard card at a sale.

Who Purchases Pokemon Cards Nowadays?

Not just celebrities aspire to be the ultimate Pokémon masters. Individuals from all around the world are eager to bid on these rare pieces of history. Meanwhile, if you’re new to selling Pokémon cards, the process may seem frightening at first. But before you reject it totally, consider the potential benefits.

What Pokémon Cards Are Actually Valuable?

Unless you’re an active tournament participant, you may not own any trophy-edition pieces. Nonetheless, even standard Pokémon cards can earn you a good profit if they possess certain qualities. Certain collectors have earned hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars from a single Pokémon card swap.

The first step toward earning a pretty penny is cleaning off your old Pokémon cards and select the most valuable ones to sell. The following are the most valuable Pokémon cards you may possess.

Charizard Shadowless Holo

Set: Base Set

Estimated Value: $2032

Charizard Star

Set: EX Delta Species

Estimated Value: $1500

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Rayquaza Star

Set: EX Deoxys

Estimated Value: $961.46

Blastoise Shadowless Holo

Set: Base Set

Estimated Value: $797.99


Set: Plasma Storm

Estimated Value: $572.47

Recap On the Factors That Determine a Pokémon Card’s Worth?

Generally, newer cards are worthless, as collectors can easily locate them on the market. Three major elements that influence the eventual sale price of your earlier Pokémon cards are as follows:

  • Type of Pokémon
  • Scarcity
  • Condition or Quality

The earliest and most collectible Pokémon cards date all the way back to 1999’s Base Set. A complete Base Set card can fetch up to $10,000. This set has 102 cards featuring beloved classic Pokémon such as Pikachu, Charizard, Seel, Pidgey, and Squirtle.

What Are the Rarity Symbols on Pokémon Cards?

Each Pokémon card features a mark indicating its rarity. It is located in the card’s bottom right corner. The three primary rarity symbols are as follows:

Circles: This symbol indicates that the card is standard.

Diamonds: This symbol indicates that the card is quite rare.

Stars: This symbol indicates that the card is uncommon and therefore more valuable.

If the collector number on your card is greater than the number of cards in the deck, it is very certainly a secret card, which indicates it will sell for more dollars and make you a lot of money.

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How to Determine The Worth of Your Pokemon Card In Cash Value

After determining that you own a rare Pokémon card, you should examine it to ensure it is still in pretty excellent condition. Collectors are unwilling to spend their hard-earned cash on Pokémon cards that appear to be worn or torn. Certain online card-selling websites have databases of card prices and other important details. Some even offer automatic systems that will locate the precise card you seek.

However, when in doubt, check for online forums on the Pokémon trade. Perhaps, that’s the easiest method to find out what a card worth from other sellers and collectors.

Where to Sell Pokemon Cards

Pokémon card-selling websites are popping up on the internet at a fast rate, but some are more trusted than others. Never trust the very first website that appears when you conduct a search. Make a safe bet and try one of these alternatives rather.

Here are the top 5 websites to buy and sell your pokemon cards

#1. eBay Store

A unique technique to assess the value of a card is to look at the sold products on eBay. Indeed, you can calculate the correct starting price for your Pokemon card collection by comparing the prices at which the cards have been sold. In this situation, you may wish to pay close attention to the date of a sold product.

#2. Card Market Site

In the Pokemon area, you can quickly locate your Pokemon card by typing its name, which includes information on the update. Moreover, you can buy/sell containers, boosters, playmates, and a variety of other items. It’s a pretty reputable source where you can quickly determine the historical pricing trend for a certain Pokemon card. Pay attention! Always verify the seller’s feedback before buying any pokemon card.

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#3. Pokemonprices

Pokemonprices website has a database that tracks the popularity or trend of each Pokemon card. A case in point is shown below.

where to sell Pokemon cards

#4. TCG Player

Although this is a less well-known site than the previous one, it is nonetheless a credible source for determining your card’s price. Because the website is based in the United States, you must check for foreign shipping anytime you wish to purchase or buy a card.

#5. Cool Stuffinc.com

As with the previous site, you to choose from a range of card games, like Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic, Pokemon, etc. And create your own opinion regarding a card’s value. However, if a card’s availability is limited, the price may be misleading.

Other Stores to Buy and Sell Your Pokemon Cards

Troll and Toad

Card Cavern

Facebook Marketplace

Do Pawn Shops Actually Buy Pokémon Cards?

Yes! Actually, pawnshops buy pokemon cards but specific cards. However, you’re likely to have a more difficult time convincing pawnshops to accept your ordinary cards, but if you have any unique pieces, do it now! First, verify the price you desire for your stuff in advance, and conduct a quick Google search to locate pawn shops that sell Pokémon cards in your area.

Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions on Pokemon Cards

If you’re uncertain about the value of your Pokémon cards, the following facts might ease your fears.

How do you tell if a Pokémon card is fake?

Many characteristics of counterfeit Pokémon cards indicate their authenticity. Before attempting to sell a suspicious-looking Pokémon card, examine the card stock’s quality, the printing colors, and effects. As well as the text’s form, the size, and the neatness of the card’s borders. However, when in doubt, compare your card to others in your collection that are 100% authentic.

How do you get a professional value for your Pokémon cards?

Assess the validity of your Pokémon cards with the Professional Sports Authenticator. It has a ten-point scale widely regarded as the industry norm. Though, you may wish to avoid it, if you believe your Pokémon card is worth less than $100, as their grading services are at least $20.

What does it mean if you have more than a single star on your card?

Pokémon cards with several stars are frequently scarce, as they were typically included in promo and unique decks.

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Selling Pokémon cards should not be a source of extra stress. However, in order to make more money, you should always make wise decisions. Meanwhile, avoid using CardMarket when analyzing your Pokemon collection. It’s because the price of the product is directly proportional to what they currently have in store. However, it remains an interesting website for buying sealed items like boosters, new cards, and boxes.

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