How to Make Money Through Investing: In Stocks, Best Options for 2021

This article explained in detail, how to make money through investing, investing in stocks. Consider investing in stocks now. During this pandemic, you may want to know the best way you can invest in stocks. The surprising fact is that the stocks purchased during the coronavirus are not much different from the stock that usually needs to be purchased. Therefore, start today, I have created a simple list where you can start making money on stocks. start immediately.

Follow these simple steps to start making money in stock market today.

Making Money In Stock

Investing in stocks is one of the most important financial skills you need to master. On average, the stock’s annual return is about 10%. This rate doubles your money every 7.2 years. Let’s assumed you start with $10,000. After 40 years of professional career, it has been at least $32 million making it a five-fold increase. This is an investment of $10,000.

Basically, you can’t get rich just by salary. Even savings and bonds can’t make you that as well, the returns aren’t enough to sustain your life. Stocks are the key.

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How to Make Money In Stock Market

Stocks involved starting early investment, continuous investment, and not selling. This will make you rich not minding your income range. Meanwhile, you don’t have to be a financial expert or someone with internal access rights, or a lot of time to get started. Only, time and continuous contribution will make you a millionaire in the stock market.

The more time you stay in the market, the more you accumulate dividends as the company pays. For instance, if you enter the market every day, weekly, or monthly, you may lose the dividends. Meanwhile, there is a probability that you might not own the stock at the critical time on the calendar to receive payments. Perhaps, according to Putnam Investments, the market is still generating a 9.9% annual return on fully invested assets. This the stock market has generated for over 15 years through the year 2017.

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Basic Tips: If you missed just the 10 best days in the stock period, your yearly return dropped to 5%. However, if you missed the 20 best days, your return for the year dropped to 2%. Whereas 30 best days will make you lose money close to -0.4% per year. Understand vividly how to make money through investing.

Check some basic rules in making money through stock below.

5 Basic rules in making money through stock

  • Don’t stop investing in the stock market
  • Never time the market
  • Don’t be quick to sell
  • Automate your investment
  • Have a brokerage account with major investment broker

How to Invest $100 Dollars In The Stock Market

Generally, to invest directly in the stock market, $100 won’t get you much buying individual stocks. But with an index-based ETF, you can buy into an entire stock market. In reality, ETFs are the same as mutual funds, just that they always come with lower fees. Besides, they don’t really charge sales or redemption loads.

However, with an index-based fund, the investment is always passive. You don’t have to outperform or underperform the market. Perhaps, an ETF lets you buy into an entire market for just $100. And since they trade like a stock, you can easily buy them via any major investment broker.

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Types of Stock

A stock is when you invest into a public company, by buying the company’s shares sold to the public. Meanwhile, these shares from the company come in two major ways to the public, either as common stock or preferred stock.

What is Common Stock?

This is best for individuals who are new to the stock market. It is the most common type of stock. In essence, owning a common stock of a company automatically make you a shareholder of the company, and you have the right to voting. Meanwhile, you can also earn dividends with common stock, but it varies with no guarantee.

What is Preferred Stock?

Preferred stock shares comparison with bonds. It comes with fixed dividends and preferential treatment for investors. However, preferred stock investors get dividends first before the common stock investors. Another advantage of preferred stock is that dividends are paid even if the company goes bankrupt.

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Stock Investment Brokers

Since investors can use different types of online stockbrokers, it is difficult to choose the best broker for you. Therefore, I have conducted a comprehensive review of these online brokers in the US, including hands-on research to identify the best stockbrokers in the industry. Below are the best five stockbrokers online. You can visit their website to know more and how to benefit from the stock market using them. Perhaps, you need knowledge of this to know how you can make money through investing.


The key to making money from stocks is to remain in the stock market. The quality of your time determines your overall performance. Unfortunately, some investors often get into and out of the stock market at the worst times and miss out on annual returns. Don’t be such investors! If stock worth it, then it worth investing in and staying in the market as well. Hopefully, this article helps you to know how to make money through investing. Like & share!.

Chiemerie Ozurumba (Adorablepen) is a freelance writer & Computer Science degree holder, a personal finance expert, blogger, public speaker, and poet. He is also a relationship & life coach. Currently a writer at BusinessYield.

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