iConsumer: Review, Earn Stocks & Have Your Cash Back (+ Pros & Cons)

iConsumer by review is a one-of-a-kind cash-back program. Almost nothing like it exists online. Alongside cashback, each order earns you shares of iConsumer’s publicly traded stock. This…

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The 7 Best Stores to Order For Your Thanksgiving Meal & The Dinner Costs

Thanksgiving is, without a doubt, the biggest event of the year. Too many holidays involve tiresome and demanding activities. Do I have sufficient funds to cover all…

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totally target

10 Ways Totally Target Helps You Save Money On Target

If you’re an avid couponer or just looking to save money on the products you use, Totally Target is a place that should be included in your…

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I heart publix

I Heart Publix: 10 Great Reasons You Should Visit I Heart Publix Blog Before Shopping

I Heart Publix. Every store has a superfan, and those superfans sometimes make something cool to share their love with the rest of the world. Take, for…

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