cheap haircuts

Cheap Haircuts: 10 Ways to Get Cheap Stylist Haircuts

There is a great feeling to get a new haircut. But, visiting a hairdresser is sometimes not budget-friendly for students. A haircut typically costs $25 to $50…

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money jar

Money Jar: How to Save And Budget With Money Jar System

There are different methods for saving money with a jar, but they all share one common feature. The money jar. This guide will walk you through a variety…

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saving strategies

Saving Strategies: Meaning, Best Options For 2021 & Saving vs Investing

Saving involved putting money away in savings first by channeling it from your paycheck directly into your bank account. This is to minimize the temptation of spending the…

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how to save money

How to Save Money: 10 Simple Ways for Beginners, Savings Strategies

Sometimes the biggest challenge about saving money is just getting started. However, the case may be, saving money provides you a way to take advantage of the…

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