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Liquid eyeliner is similar to the megaformer of the cosmetics world. Though it’s hard to master, once you do, you’ll be able to achieve great results. An everyday cat-eye, an Amy Winehouse–style wing, or a graphic flash of color can all be achieved with the perfect liquid eyeliner. And not just because of the Expensive prices. The few cosmetic professionals that we spoke with testified that many of your drugstore liquid eyeliners can perform the best and wonders. They’ve identified the best options for people with monolids, hooded eyelids, and mature skin. As well as options with felt tips, matte pigments, and even a super smudge-proof product that Winehouse was famous with.

However, if you’re having difficulty mastering the stroke, cosmetic expert Amanda Shackleton recommends “applying very small, closely spaced dots near to the lash line in the form you want to create. That will give you a much greater chance of achieving a much tighter, more exact line. Then, as you gain confidence, use gentle strokes to join the dots. Finally, you’ll be likely to have your flip perfect one time.

Best Drugstore Liquid Eyeliners

Whenever you are in need of the best liquid eyeliner, It is not needful to plan a special shopping trip. The best of them may be available at the same drugstore where you get your medications. I adore with passion how liquid eyeliner can create accurate lines and last all day. Furthermore, they’re ideal for a beautiful winged liner style.

Most women’s makeup bags include eyeliner. Without it, any makeup look is almost incomplete. It might even be difficult to get your eyeliner to look perfect. Meanwhile, much can go wrong, from difficult-to-use applicators to fluid formulations that smudge. However, with so many alternatives available, choosing the proper eyeliner can be challenging. As a result, it may come as a shock to you that drugstore eyeliners are your best option when it comes to eyeliner. To assist you in making your decision, we’ve compiled a list with 20 of the best drugstore liquid eyeliners under $10. Such products are so good that even makeup artists vouch for them.

#1. Maybelline Eye Studio Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner ($6)

This is consider the best overall drugstore liquid eyeliner by most makeup artists.

This Maybelline Eye Studio Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner was commended by a few professionals for its simplicity of use, super-inky pigment, and fine tip. Glenn Brownell, whose clients include Eva Chen and Audrey Gelman, says that felt tip pens are “so much quicker and easier to use than traditional liquid liners.”

“This one is excellent since it has a superfine tip and a fluid consistency that doesn’t miss, so you can always achieve the perfect wing.” Amber Amos, a makeup artist, and groomer agree, saying, “The gently stiff felt applicator provides all the power and accuracy you want.” Amos and famous costume designer David Maderich of New York City both commented that the tube has a handy rubbery grip that helps you retain power over the line as you proceed.

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#2. Wet n Wild H2O Proof Liquid Eyeliner ($5)

Does a liner fit for a lady on her wedding day that costs less than $5? It is real! “Most people and makeup artists prefer this liquid eyeliner to any high-end brand, and it’s a must-have in every makeup bag. Miss Happy Kenneth, a makeup artist, describes it as “very waterproof, smudge-proof, and transfer-resistant.” It’s also simple to apply, thanks to the felt tip brush.

#3. L’Oreal Paris Infallible Flash Cat Eye Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner ($7)

This is the best drugstore liquid eyeliner for beginners. This eyeliner from drugstore staple L’Oreal Paris was a favorite among professionals, especially for newbies. Because of its precise felt-tip applicator and removable stencil, which makes “drawing the ideal feline wings and flicks effortless,” as Maderich says. Amy Zdunowski-Roeder, a celebrity makeup artist who has been on sets for Bravo and Netflix, agrees, adding that the pigment is “super-duper black,” dries quickly, and is waterproof, so it will last all day (and night). And if you misplace the stencil, Maderich has a solution: “Apply a little bit of scotch tape to the corner of your eye, then use your liner to follow the line.” If you make a mistake, he recommends using a cotton swab dipped in eye makeup remover, such as Dermalogica’s Calming Eye Makeup Remover, to rapidly remove it.

#4. Best Budget: E.I.F. Expert Liquid Eyeliner ($3)

While most drugstore selections are reasonably priced, NYX goes above and beyond. This liquid eyeliner won’t let you down if you simply have a few dollars to spare. The product is smudge-proof and the slender applicator provides perfect lines. Check out these other best drugstore eyeliners you can also try.

#5. COVERGIRL Get In Line Liquid Eyeliner ($7)

This is also another best drugstore liquid eyeliner recommended and used by experts. If you can apply a wing while sleeping, you’re ready for this liner, which Rodriguez suggests for experienced users. The subtlety stems from the stiff felt tip that doesn’t adjust to the eye and the substance, which Rodriguez characterizes as “extremely liquidy.” It also absorbs a lot of product and takes a lot of time to dry, so it’s not something you should use on the go, but rather when you have the chance to let it dry. However, despite the difficulties, Rodriguez claims it’s worth it: “It’s very, incredibly dark, extremely glossy, and really lasts all day,” they add.

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#6. Best Waterproof: Essence Super Fine Eyeliner Pen ($3)

This is our selection for the top waterproof drugstore liquid eyeliner because it has an amazing applicator and a long-wearing, waterproof consistency. It’s also free of violence and merely a few bucks to have it in your makeup bag. Meanwhile, this eyeliner will help you save some dollars since it is good and affordable too.

#7. KIKO Milano Definition Eyeliner ($10)

There are 2 kinds of liquid liners: those with felt-tip applicators, such as the two shown above, and regular liquid eyeliner. While the felt-tip pens work more like Sharpie markers, the traditional versions of these liners need you to dip the applicator into a paint pot full of liquid color. Felt-tip liners are generally easier to use and are perfect for beginners, according to the professionals we have spoken with.

While it’s a personal taste, Maderich recommends using an ancient paint-pot-and-brush liner to achieve “razor-sharp wings and tight lines,” such as this one, which has been commended in reviews for its traditionally thick, stay-put line. Maderich admits that mastering it takes “practice” and steady hands, and provides this advice: Rest your elbow on your other hand to keep your drawing hand steady and help you get a straight line. The item is also cruelty-free, paraben-free, and hypoallergenic, making it an excellent choice for anyone with sensitive eyes. You can consider this liquid eyeliner as the best classic drugstore liquid eyeliner.

#8. Best Cruelty-Free: Jason Wu Beauty The Classic Liquid Eyeliner ($10)

The liner’s brush is extremely tiny, making it ideal for creating an exact line or adding depth to your makeup. The product is cruelty-free, vegan, 100% free of parabens and phthalates.

#9. Rimmel London Colour Precise Eyeliner ($5)

Its precision application gives this sweat, gentle, and heatproof liner “a colored punch” while yet “making a perfect, even soft-looking appearance,” according to Zdunowski-Roeder. Because the liner does not leak into fine lines around the eyes, she recommends it to her clients with aged skin. If you can see your lid via the line, Shackleton recommends lifting your lid and filling in the lash line from below, which will also help define your eyes. This is the best drugstore liquid eyeliner for mature skin. However, there are websites that actually help you to shop and save at the same time. find out the 10 ways Totally Target can help you save money shopping on Target.

#10. Best Color Options: NYX Epic Wear Liquid Liner ($10)

While black is the most common liner color, this NYX liner comes in a variety of colors and has a long-wearing formulation. “Many like this liner since it has a bendable brush tip that allows for laser precision. “It’s waterproof and smudge-proof,” Flanagan explains. Use purple, red, or yellow instead of the normal colors.

#11. Milani Stay Put Matte 17 HR ($8)

Best long-lasting classic drugstore liquid eyeliner, says Miss Happy Kenneth, a young makeup artist.

Miss Happy calls this Milani liner (in a classic paint-pot-and-brush style) “immovable” and a product that “goes the distance throughout the day.” Kasey Spickard, a makeup artist, agrees but says it takes a little more care than just a felt tip liner. But, he claims, the result is well worth the effort. “The effort is really worth it. It won’t move for the whole of the day once it’s locked in,” he explains. Try to prepare your eyelids first to give your makeup an extra boost of lasting power. Because waterproof products can be hard to remove at the end of the night, Rio recommends using an oil-based makeup remover like Glossier’s Milky Oil.

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#12. Best Lash-Boosting: Physicians Formula Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner ($12)

If you use this 2-in-1 liner, your liner can actually help to lengthen your lashes. The liner’s nourishing lash serum hydrates lashes and the brand says that after just two weeks, 75% of consumers observed a change in length and thickness.

#13. Rimmel London Exaggerate Liquid Eyeliner, 2-Pack ($11)

Consider this as the best drugstore eyeliner for creating Amy Winehouse wings. According to Clara Rae, a makeup artist in New York City, this is the liquid eyeliner that Amy Winehouse wears. It’s wonderful for making wings, for example, since the tip is “super-pointy and flexible,” as Rae describes it, and it moves with the curves of the eye. It also contains an “extremely rich black” pigment that dries glossy, is smudge-proof, and can last up to six hours. “Normally, liquid eyeliner dries out quickly,” she says, “but I have discovered that this lasts for a long time,” so you’ll get the most value for your money.

#14. Best for Sensitive Eyes: Almay Liquid Eyeliner ($6)

If you find that eyeliner scratches and red your eyes, this liner may help. It’s fragrance-free, has undergone ophthalmologist testing, and is made easy on the eyes. Even beginners can draw a smooth line, thanks to the flexible tip.

#15. L’Oreal Lineur Intense Felt-Tip Liquid Eyeliner ($7)

Best drugstore liquid eyeliner for monolids and hooded eyes. Maderich suggests this eyeliner for persons with hooded eyes or monolids because of no formula. Saying that it “will never transfer” onto your upper lid. “Most liquid eyeliners are quite good at staying put,” adds Maderich, “but L’Oréal Lineur Intense Felt-Tip Liquid Eyeliner distinguishes out as being unbreakable.” “I used this eyeliner on an underwater picture session and it lasted the whole time.” Few makeup artists included this eyeliner on their list of the finest liquid eyeliners for monolids, describing it as “the greatest drugstore eyeliner they have ever tried.” “Most has gone through a lot of these tubes over the past and like how nicely they draw lines with minimum smearing.”

#16. Best Pigmentation: L.A. Girl Jetsetter Liquid Eyeliner ($7)

Get this liner if you want a lot of colors. The pointed brush makes it easy to make thick and fine lines, and it dries to a really dark, very black matte liner.

#17. Maybelline Hyper Easy Liquid Pen No-Skip Eyeliner ($7)

This one for hooded eyelids, which dries to a semi-gloss, has an ultrafine tip, and provides you an extraordinary amount of control, is also a favorite of makeup artist Karol Rodriguez. “Too thick liner can sometimes overshadow hooded eyes,” they say, adding that the spiky tip adds to the flexibility. They further claim that it won’t skip or seep into any fine wrinkles around the eyes and that it “truly lasts all day.”

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#18. Revlon ColorStay Exactify Liquid Liner ($12)

Best drugstore liquid eyeliner with a vinyl finish. Revlon’s ColorStay Exactify Liquid Liner, on the other hand, has a slick, vinyl finish and a more Katie Jane Hughes effect. The liner also has a wheel-tip applicator, which Zdunowski-Roeder describes as “excellent for newbies who want to try a cat eye or other unique effects.” Sheriff-Kendricks adds, “It’s smudge-proof and won’t fade.”

#19. Maybelline Curvitude Liner ($6)

Best drugstore liquid eyeliner with a curved brush. According to Zdunowski-Roeder, this Maybelline liner features a special, curved tip that “hugs your lash line for a beautiful and exact cat eye.” You can adjust the thickness of the line by putting pressure while applying it.

#20. Milani Eye Tech Extreme Liquid Liner Vinyl ($6)

Best quick-drying drugstore liquid eyeliner. According to Sheriff-Kendricks, Milani Eye Tech Extreme Liquid Liner Vinyl is really a rich pigmented black liquid liner with a “supersharp precision-tip application” that “dries quickly for long wear.” It comes in two finishes: matte and vinyl, and it’s vegan and cruelty-free.

Bonus Tips On Use Of Liquid Eyeliner

Let’s look at answer to few question on the best use of liquid eyeliner for a perfect look.

How can you create a smudged look with liquid eyeliner?

To create a sharp but smoked-out liner look, use the liner with a black eyeshadow. It can not only give your liquid liner a sexier look, but it can also help it last better. Because it’s a powder, it assists with the smoke effect while also setting the “wet” liner,’ says Flanagan.

How can you make the perfect wing?

The use of tape as a guideline is Flanagan’s favorite suggestion for a beautiful wing. Put the tape at the angle you want your liner to wing out, and then just follow it. You’ll have a razor-sharp line once you remove the tape.

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The wet n wild H20 Proof Liquid Eyeliner is your biggest shot for an all-day liquid liner. And it’s been recommended by brides on their wedding days. NYX Epic Wear Liquid Liner comes in a variety of colors, including purple and yellow, if you want to branch out from the black. If all of this sounds a little scary, try Maybelline Hyper Easy Liquid Pen Eyeliner, which claims to apply so easily that even complete beginners will have no trouble with it.

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