The immediate past secretary, NBA Aguata Branch, Anugo Offor Esq. felicitates with his professional colleagues and members of the frontline Bar on the 2022 occasion of Easter…

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bubble cash

Bubble Cash: An Android & iPhone Game For Real Cash

It’s exciting to pop the bubble cash. Popping various bubbles is a good way to relieve stress. And shooting plenty of bubbles across the screen of your…

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cheap haircuts

Cheap Haircuts: 10 Ways to Get Cheap Stylist Haircuts

There is a great feeling to get a new haircut. But, visiting a hairdresser is sometimes not budget-friendly for students. A haircut typically costs $25 to $50…

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depop vs poshmark

Depop vs Poshmark: Which is Best For Selling Used Clothing?

Depop vs Poshmark is two well-known marketplaces for selling used clothing. Discover the key similarities and differences between the two in our guide. As well as how Neptunmag can assist…

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how to sell cryptocurrency

How to Sell Cryptocurrency: A Step-by-Step Guide

How do you sell Cryptocurrency?” is among the first thoughts that come to mind when most people become willing to buy cryptocurrencies. Because having your cash out is just…

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house painting

House Painting: Cost, Hiring an Expert & DO-It-Yourself Optimal Guideline

Selecting the perfect paint colors for your home may make the difference in terms of mood enhancement and scene establishing. And besides, it serves as the foundation for…

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car loans for students

Car Loans For Students: A Simple Guide On How to Get Approved

Obtaining a car loan as a college student is possible. But you might experience some issues that other borrowers would not have to worry about. However, before you determine…

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early morning jobs

Early Morning Jobs: Listed 20 to Startup Your Day For More Dollars

It’s past time to put away the snooze button. Early risers are cheerful, more engaged, more diligent, according to research. And several of the world’s most successful…

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best drugstore liquid eyeliner

Best Drugstore Liquid Eyeliner: Quality & Affordable Liquid Eyeliners

Liquid eyeliner is similar to the megaformer of the cosmetics world. Though it’s hard to master, once you do, you’ll be able to achieve great results. An…

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iConsumer: Review, Earn Stocks & Have Your Cash Back (+ Pros & Cons)

iConsumer by review is a one-of-a-kind cash-back program. Almost nothing like it exists online. Alongside cashback, each order earns you shares of iConsumer’s publicly traded stock. This…

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